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Valeria Berti True Love Captured Winner by WPJA

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International Contest WPJA  
Agosto 2020

The “T” in our TLC (True Love Captured) contest also could stand for “tender.” The winning entries in the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s inaugural TLC contest capture warm embraces, heartfelt hugs and soulful stares between not just the wedding couples but also their happy guests.The “T” also could stand for “tough,” because that’s just how difficult it was for our judges to sort out the best of what one described as “a lot of really strong, beautiful images.”Despite the difficulty of the task, though, the judges have spoken, and the winners have been published on the site. The winning entries will be viewable in the TLC gallery on our website. All winners had to be recognized by at least two of the three contest judges. HERE my Winning Image!

Valeria BertiValeria Berti True Love Captured Winner by WPJA

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